The best golf watch 2021

Golf may seem like a slow, peaceful sport to an outsider, but in reality, the game is relatively hard to perfect. You can play for years or even decades without reaching the top of your golfing game – but thankfully there are lots of tech gadgets to help you improve.

Are you an avid golfer? If so, here is some of the best golf tech for 2020.

The Garmin Approach Watch: S40

Garmin is best known for making smart watches, but they also manufacture a decent selection of golf watches in their Approach line. All of these watches come with a range of features, but the best has to be the S40 watch. This smart watch is stylish, sleek and designed specifically for golf enthusiasts; there are over 40,000 golf course guides with accurate shot distances, and there is also a digital scorecard and green layup details. It is also water-resistant (up to 50 meters), and it can last 10 days when it is fully charged.

The Leupold GX-2i3 Digital Laser Rangefinder

There are quite a few rangefinders for gold players, and the Leupold GX-2i3 has to be one of the best. This rangefinder uses both lenses and lasers to provide an accurate distance measurement, and it can provide results in either meters or yards. The rangefinder also uses a scan mode that can cover around 600 meters – which is actually beyond Tiger Woods’ drive, so it should be enough for most amateur and professional golfers!

The Hole19 App

Are you a young golf player who is hoping to improve their game so they can apply for golf scholarships? If so, the Hole19 app can certainly help you. The app provides players with useful information about each hole and how to succeed (for instance, you will get suggested advised shots). Over time this will help you to improve your game, so it will be much easier to apply for a scholarship from to help you with your college finances.

The app can also be used with either a smartphone or an Apple watch, so it is straightforward and efficient to use, and it will track you around golf courses as you play.

The Zepp Swing Analyzer

You can also use the Zepp swing analyzer to improve your game. This handy analyzer can be attached to your golf glove, and it uses sensors to provide you with detailed reports about each swing. Swing has a significant effect on your overall game, if you are having any issues with your swing this glove analyzer could be convenient.

The Stewart Follow Golf Trolley

The Steward Follow golf trolley is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy golf without physically exerting themselves. The electric trolley will automatically follow the owner around the course as they play, and it can be loaded up with clubs, snacks, and water. It uses Bluetooth to do this, but if you want you can manually control the device to get it through any small spaces so that it doesn’t get damaged. This is ideal for older players who want to keep playing without tiring themselves out.