Animated Logos: An Interactive Way to Inspire the Audience

A logo is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. Some may underestimate its importance as a mere part of the brand, but it is something of chief importance. 

A logo design is the symbol of your company. It helps the customers to identify your brand and serves as the face of the company. As marketing evolves with the shift in technology, your logos must also evolve. 

With this said, many companies today are using video content for marketing their brand. They opt for animated logo designs instead of static images and designs to represent their brand. If you want to invest time and money to benefit from video production, you might as well invest in hiring the video production agency for the creation of robust animated logo design. 

In this post, we are going to discuss 3 major reasons to use animated logo designs and some tips to create a fantastic design. So without further ado, here are 3 reasons for using animated logos for your brand. 

· Animated videos can attract viewers

It is not a lie that businesses today are benefiting with online content. However, with so much material in the digital world, it is getting challenging to cut through the noise. The information habits of the customers are trending towards immediate gratification. If you are a company using animation to your benefit, you are already in the winning lane. It is the truth to say that brands using video animations for branding demonstrate more success in driving sales than those who are not. In the case of using animated logo designs, it doesn’t just capture the attention of the audience, but it also enhances your business representation and perception. 

· Animated logos increase brand awareness

Creating awareness and promoting a brand is an essential function of logo design. This is another important reason why companies and brands invest in crafting an animated logo. Animated logos are memorable and recognizable for a consumer than a static logo design. It may take several interactions for a static design to make a place in the mind of the audience, but an animated logo is highly remembered. Consider some of the most iconic logo designs of all, such as Google; it uses animated designs to attract the audience. 

· Animated designs can tell a better story 

Just like video animation, an animated logo can help in contributing to your brand’s narrative by becoming an important part of the storytelling process in video content. Why choose a static logo for the company, when an animated one can make an emotional connection with the audience. Consumers being present digitally are attracted more to the video content, and this trend is getting more prominent every passing day. As your audience chooses the online video content, businesses are required to adjust to this behavior. Investing in video animation and the creation of animated logos can help in better leads and traffic to the business. 

Tips for creating animating logos

You only have the first few seconds to make an impression with your animated logo, which is challenging for a brand. However, it is not impossible to achieve. To be successful in designing, here are five tips for creating an amazing design. 

1. Watch and learn 

It is always a good idea to keep a lookout at what is going around in the market before beginning with your animated design. Watch for loopholes and learn how you can do it better. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to copy the design; instead, use the idea to come up with an original image for your brand. 

2. Portray what you stand for

Your logo design is the face of your company. Think of what you want to represent and use the design element to make your animation. It is a creative way to emphasize the emotions you want to evoke and the impression you want to make on the audience.

3. Evoke curiosity in people

An animated logo design is memorable for the audience, and evoking curiosity in them will want them to learn more about your brand. Make sure you use the right elements and Colours to create a robust design for your business. 

4. Keep in simple 

You don’t want to clutter your design with colors and shapes, but keep it minimal, so the viewers can understand your brand message in a split of a second. Take the example of Google. It uses a simple sans serif font and three different colors, and it is one of the best designs. It is simple yet effective and has made its way to be successful. 

5. Keep your animation short

Animated logos are videos not longer than ten seconds. In the age of the internet and media consumption, you only have some seconds to make the right impression on the viewers. The shorter your video is, the more can it project to the audience.