Anti-blue Light Blocking Glasses

Anti-blue light glasses have been in the markets for years now. At the same time, this question of whether they are even needed or not has also been floating around. The answer to this question is yes. Anti-blue light glasses are needed for us to live longer lives with healthy eyes.

But, believing anyone for what they say upfront without going into details is what leads to such questions, and thereby the rumors. So, allow us to feed your curiosity by giving detailed answers to a few questions you might have.

What are anti-blue light glasses?

Simply stated, anti-blue light glasses are a pair of lenses that can help protect your eyes against the harmful blue light. The next thing you need to know is what the culprit – the harmful blue light is.

Talking some science here, blue light is that portion of the visible light spectrum that has the highest energy and the lowest wavelength. While these harmful blue light rays are not visible to the naked eye, they are capable of harming your retina and disrupting your sleep cycle.

Why use anti-blue light glasses?

Here’s a question for you. Do you protect your eyes from the sun with the help of sunglasses? We assume yes. The reason is the harmful UV rays. What if we tell you that the natural lens in your eyes and the cornea make sure UV rays don’t damage your retina.  Yes, they do that for you. Yet, you take the precaution and save your eyes with anti-UV coatings on your glasses.

Then why not use an anti-blue light coating on your glasses as well? You might say that your exposure to blue light isn’t as extreme as that of the sun. Allow us to remind you how much time you spend on screens – the biggest source of blue light – in a day. The average adult in the UK spends three hours and 25 minutes on their phone daily. And take note, this is only about the phones and not about laptops, tablets, and TVs which we use to work, rest, and play. To add to all this, sunlight is another source of blue light. 

So, that’s the first reason why you should be using anti-blue light glasses. To keep the back of your eye i.e., the retina healthy enough to perform its functions properly.

The other reason is to have a proper sleep cycle. To understand this, you need to know about the sleep hormone melatonin. Your body releases this hormone in the absence of light to induce sleep. Yes, it is the very reason why we start feeling drowsy as the day ends. But, with us using our phones and laptops even at nights, the body feels it is daytime thanks to the blue light from the screens. Because of which it does not generate the sleep hormone. When this happens, it not only disrupts your sleep but eventually hampers your sleep cycle, as the body now does not understand when it is time to sleep and when it isn’t on a day to day basis.

To summarise, you need to use anti-blue light glasses if you care for your eyes and your sleep.

Where to buy anti-blue light glasses?

Also known as blue light blocking glasses, you can buy these for your eyes easily at Specscart. That too, at a minimal cost. All you need to do is select the Digital blue light protection coating after choosing your frames. Since it is only a coating made of advanced technology, you can also make your regular prescription glasses into anti-blue light glasses without much effort. 

To your surprise, the glasses already come loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings without any charge. Also, if you don’t wish to buy any glasses frames and only need the anti-blue light lenses, you can choose to get your glasses reglazed with us. Isn’t that a delightful bonus?

So, get going and buy the weapon your eyes need for its battle against the harmful blue light.