How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Today, businesses of all sizes and types are at risk of cyberattacks. Recent trends indicate that cybersecurity threats have become common in the workplace. Cybersecurity attacks can cripple your company in real-time. Therefore, how do you protect your data from being hacked?

In 2020, many companies changed their business approaches and strategies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have been forced to operate on cloud-based platforms and create a remote task force. Devices are connected more than ever, courtesy of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). Here are five cybersecurity practices that will help protect your company from cybersecurity threats.

Educate Your Staff on Cybersecurity Practices and Hacks

When it comes to operating your office remotely, you are as secure as your least trained staff. What happens when your least informed employee falls for a phishing attack or a weak password? Well, the result is plain. Your system will be compromised.

With the increased number of security breaches, it’s of utmost importance to ensure your employees are educated on how hackers could access private and sensitive information from them. Also, ensure you put robust security protocols and practices in place.

Update your software and programs in real-time

Whether it’s analytic software or a simple presentation program, all your software needs to be updated to recently released versions. IT experts state that old programs may have loopholes. Cybercriminals can use these loopholes to steal essential data, brand reputation and compromise your business networks.

Therefore, ensure you check available updates and security patches regularly and execute them.

Use Robust Firewall Software and Antiviruses

Anti-malware and firewalls play an integral role in protecting your data from attacks. Premium anti-malware software can isolate viruses when they strike your database. Therefore, consider investing in a modern firewall system. For B2B and B2C, you can consult a cybersecurity agency to help protect your data. Get in touch with Data Cube Systems and have your data secured at all costs.

Perform Scheduled Data Backups and Encrypt Your Data

Data encryption is an efficient cybersecurity practice that helps keep your data secure and safe. This strategy incorporates rendering your data useless if it falls into fraudsters’ hands and prevents access to sensitive data.

Once you’ve encrypted your system, proceed and backup the date and store it separately. This way, you are guaranteed that your credentials are protected. More so, you can recover the backup data should a cybersecurity attack occur.

Secure Company Hardware

Theft and loss of data is a cybersecurity threat to avoid at all costs. What happens when your devices disappear? How much information will be exposed to third parties? Therefore, you need to establish your cybersecurity strategy by starting with the basics. Firstly, protect your company devices with a strong password. Secondly, consider attaching your office equipment with desks.


If your company is visible online, a cybersecurity approach is essential as customers, employees, and the company’s data are at stake. As outlined in this guide, you need to take advantage of effective strategies such as data backup, data encryption, and updating your software regularly. Also, ensure you have a premium anti-malware solution.