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Creating Wikipedia Page for Business Brand | How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

how to create Wikipedia page

There’s no surprise knowing that every business from small scale to large scale thrives on marketing and promotion. And at the same moment, digital promotion and internet marketing techniques have taken millions of companies to the next level. So now, if you are already focusing on these two basics, then it sounds great. It is time to take a leap ahead and create a Wikipedia page for your company.

If you have been living under a rock, you need to know that Wikipedia is something that is considered as one of the most elite online information repositories. It is very much similar to the Encyclopedia and connects the brand with the customers. The content has more of the information and insights that are curated by multiple experts rather than the involvement of one person. Generally, it is said that Google preferably ranks the Wikipedia Pages on the top of search results. 

Well, now a similar question might be popping in your mind like “How to make a Wikipedia page for your business?” Read on to know more! Else, you might be thinking – How does a person manage to get one? What is the eligibility for having a Wikipedia page? How to create a Wikipedia page?, or How to get it approved? 

Just don’t worry! Here we have made it easier for you, below are the key steps to follow while creating one for your brand. Take a look. 

Registering an Account 

Though it is entirely optional to have a Wikipedia account, having your own official account is much imperative and useful in the long run. When you edit any information or content on Wikipedia, visitors can see your IP address, which is not safe, though! To avoid this, better have an account in your business name. 

Remember, not to make random edits as your IP address might get blocked. So move ahead with building an acceptable reputation of your business or brand. Click on the “Create Account” button on the right corner of your wiki page. Once you are done with filling in the information, and your account is created, you are free to compose or edit information on the business page as per your requirement. Having a registered account makes your source look transparent and more reliable. And you will be able to gain Wikipedia’s trust rights that are highly useful in the long run. 

Build Reputation

Genuine edits play an essential role in this process. The foremost thing you execute after setting up your account is to edit the pages. You can start by contributing at least 10-12 edits from your account. For your reference, you can visit Wikipedia’s guidelines for an autoconfirmed user. Yes, the requirements may vary according to the circumstances. In general, English User Accounts older than 5 days, and with at least 10 edits are also autoconfirmed. 

Definitely, you have to practice patience at this moment. Rahul Vij, Founder at WebSpero Solutions, recommends spending the first few days editing other user’s pages. Once you have stepped into the link “Edit a Page,” you will be able to select the page (the “Edit” link that can be located at the top right of the paragraph/stanza). After this, you can simply proceed to the next step! 

Creating Page 

Without any second thought, this is the most challenging part – Page Creation on Wikipedia. Simply begin with going to Wikipedia’s “Writing an Article” section. As you scroll down the page, you can find a blue button that mentions, “Article Wizard – An easy way to create articles.” by clicking on it, you will be redirected to it. 

Further, you will have two options – either you can practice editing your Wikipedia Page in Sandbox or immediately begin with the process by clicking on “Next.” For the beginners, clicking next would be the right option. An important thing to know here is that till the time your business/brand/company does not have an existing Wikipedia Page, you are free to add/update as much as information you want. Over and above this, you have to set the page structure for featuring the most essential information related to brand/company. 

Specifying Citations

As mentioned earlier, Wikipedia is entirely an Encyclopedia. To make your topic sound more valid, citations to articles and third party sources is vital. Make sure to keep the article topic fully reliable and subject independent. For instance, it can be newspapers, journals, magazines, books, and websites. A point to keep in mind is that any sort of Press Releases, Corporate Profiles, or Social Media Profiles are not accepted under this section. 

So try to give citations that boost your business credibility, and allow the reader to trust your company’s information. With this, check out newspaper articles or magazine columns that mention something about your company, websites that backlinks to your sites, and directories that link to your company’s profile. 

Submitting Page for Final Review

Once you are finished with the steps above, submit the page for the final review by the Wikipedia Team. Once they find your page as a credible source, it will be uploaded as an Official Wikipedia Page. 

Here, if they don’t approve your page, then it is better to consult a reliable Digital Marketing Expert to help you with creating a Wikipedia page for your company according to the standard guidelines. Ask us! 

Keep Updating 

Remember – the uphill battle is not over here yet. As you find your business Wikipedia Page ranking on Google’s first page, it is essential to update it often. Why? Because it will portray the latest updated information about your services and products to your potential customer base. The key takeaway with this step is to maintain absolute transparency to make it highly appropriate to both your customers and leads. 

Nowadays, we all know that we have abundant platforms like Social Media, Listings, Directories, and Press Releases that pop up on a quick Google search. But by having an up to date Wikipedia Page, you are covering all the bases while giving your viewers an upright information source that demonstrates your business/company/brand. 

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