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Youtube results for the field live by shorts as a contest for TikTok.!

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YouTube plans to launch a rival to TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, by the end of the year. Whether you prefer it or not, TikTok could be a world-renowned processor that has attracted a large number of users worldwide.

According to two people familiar with the matter. YouTube is currently planning shorts, its response to TikTok, as a feature within its existing mobile app.

YouTube Shorts

Google also launched a new app to compete with the short video platform, diversion pricing, which is about to take the stage. Google isn’t just competitive with the TikTok app, it’s also testing the 2-loop short video reel and divert feature on its Facebook and Instagram website. Google is also reportedly preparing to present a short video app on the YouTube website. According to information received by the short media, YouTube is reported to be developing a new application known as shorts. The name implies that this application is made for a short video deviation. The shorts are reported to be interleaved as part of the YouTube page as soon as possible. It is reported that users of the world health organization who focus on youtube will be introduced to such features on the well-known planet YouTube website.

Most of the users use the youtube website to pay attention to the songs and watch tutorial videos. A wide variety of users has already been posted on the youtube platform. It’s easy to transfer the specified songs and if a new feature like the shorts is free, their success will be time and time again greater than digital. This video website, presented by youtube, allows users to transfer songs, music, and movies directly from the youtube website. There is no shortage of songs and music on YouTube as we all tend to understand the sophisticated factor on TikTok. One of the most important problems users face on the tech chat website is the quality of music and song download. Exploiting this position, YouTube is supposed to certainly win its short service. One way to go from TikTok is that TikTok has recently inflated its user base to more than 1,000,000. Similarly, YouTube is increasing its user base by 2 million every month. Given this, Google’s move to compete with the TikTok website is expected to train TikTok users to switch from TikTok.

In general, the shorts will include a source of short videos published by users within the Google-owned application and will take advantage of the video service’s licensed music catalog, whose songs will be available for use as soundtracks for videos created by users. users. People said. The move represents the most serious effort by a Silicon Valley tech company to combat the rise of TikTok, a rare example of a Chinese-owned social media app that has become a worldwide success.