Exploring the World of Kuroki NFT: Unlocking the Rooftop of Possibilities

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Introduction :

What is Kuroki NFT ?

In the ever-expanding world of NFTs, Kuroki stands out as a unique project that offers its holders exclusive access to The Rooftop. This blog post dives deep into the story, roadmap, benefits, and team behind Kuroki NFT. Join us on a journey to uncover the hidden gems and potential opportunities within the Kuroki ecosystem.

The Kuroki Story: Discovering The Rooftop

Kuroki NFT grants holders an exclusive opportunity to access The Rooftop, a virtual space where web3 enthusiasts, artists, and builders come together. On The Rooftop, community members brainstorm, plan, and collaborate on building innovative products as part of their collective journey. Legend has it that saying, “May the star falls into my life” on The Rooftop summons shooting stars from the sky, granting lucky airdrops to those present. Additionally, individuals who possess stars from The Rooftop can meet fellow community members in real life to witness shooting stars together. Dancing with constellations brings luck for the next journey.

Kuroki NFT Roadmap: Genesis Collection and Beyond

The Genesis Collection, the first milestone for Kuroki, is set to launch with a presale and public sale mint on June 3rd, 2022. This collection marks the beginning of Kuroki’s creative and innovative journey. To ensure sustainable growth and development, a treasury wallet has been established for Kuroki. Fifty percent of all secondary market royalties will be allocated to the treasury. Moreover, the team has reserved 100 NFTs for Kuroki’s members, with the remaining NFTs being deposited into the treasury for future development and experiments. Monthly treasury updates ensure transparency and accountability.

Commitment and Team Expansion

TonZ, the founder, has committed to working full-time for Kuroki. The team is dedicated to securing talented developers, artists, and geniuses who align with Kuroki’s vision. A full-time community team, consisting of moderators, alpha callers, and project researchers, ensures community engagement and involvement. This phase brings excitement and fun as Kuroki starts to take shape.

Benefits and Staking: Access to The Rooftop and $KURO

Holders of Kuroki NFTs gain exclusive access to The Rooftop. This grants them firsthand updates, partnership opportunities, and collaborations with emerging projects that share Kuroki’s vision and values. Each Kuroki NFT holds a unique weighted value and allows holders to earn $KURO, the native token of the Genesis collection. The utility of $KURO is vast, ranging from a simple Mintlist Marketplace where collectibles can be purchased with $KURO to a complex anime MMORPG with a leveling system and breeding features.

Governance and DAO: Community-Powered Development

Kuroki values community voices and has implemented a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure. With DAO, the community can contribute collectively to the development and future of Kuroki. By leveraging the power of decentralization, Kuroki ensures that decision-making and governance are transparent and inclusive.

Next-Gen Collection: Unlocking the Future

While details about the next-gen collection remain classified, Kuroki’s commitment to continuous innovation and growth is evident. The project aims to push boundaries and explore new possibilities within the NFT space, keeping the community engaged and excited.

Incubator and Nurture: Fostering Web3 Ideas

Kuroki’s community-driven approach extends to nurturing and incubating brilliant ideas. Community members are encouraged to express and discuss their Web3 ideas, and Kuroki provides economic support, guidance, and assistance in bringing those ideas to fruition. This collaborative ecosystem ensures that no exceptional idea goes unnoticed.

Overpass: Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds

Kuroki envisions a future where the physical and digital worlds seamlessly intertwine. The Overpass serves as the link between these two realms, bridging the gap and enabling new and exciting possibilities for the Kuroki community.

The Kuroki Team: Passionate and Driven

The Kuroki team comprises talented individuals committed to realizing the project’s vision. TonZ, the founder and developer, brings years of experience in software engineering and a deep understanding of crypto. Nessa, the artist, lends her creative skills to craft captivating visuals for Kuroki. ScriN, the project researcher, contributes his problem-solving abilities and product management expertise to drive Kuroki’s success.


Kuroki NFT offers a unique and engaging experience to its holders, providing exclusive access to The Rooftop and unlocking a world of possibilities. With a passionate team, a roadmap filled with exciting milestones, and a commitment to community-driven development, Kuroki is poised to make its mark in the NFT space. Join the Kuroki community and explore the wonders that await you on The Rooftop.

Social Links:

Twitter: Kuroki NFT

Instagram: Kuroki NFT

Note: The website mentioned in the details is currently deleted. For trading Kuroki NFTs, you can visit OpenSea.


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