Well, the last week has been in many ways whatever expectations and plans people were having, once again it’s been smashed because the world has crossed ten million marks of tested positives. The total death toll has crossed half-a-million. 2.6 million cases in the United States alone with 130,000 deaths or more. India has crossed half-a-million cases, over 16,000 deaths. In the five major cities in India, it is surging up with relaxation. Once again, states are going back into severe lockdown mode because the relaxation has worked against the whole process. The administration has done what they could do. The doctors, the medical staff, the police, and other administrative staff, trying to enforce this. In many ways, they’re reaching towards exhaustion and frustration because ordinary citizens, though most of them have behaved responsibly, a certain percentage of them everywhere in the world are, they’re Special one, what to do!? They are going about their business in their way.

In many ways, the police and other staff involved in the management of people, medical staff is beginning to tire. Because everybody was geared for maybe three weeks or six weeks, now it’s on for nearly three months! And once again, it’s surging up. You can see and feel the effects of this frustration and exhaustion, all over. It’s very important as citizens of this nation and the world that we don’t push the medical staff especially to a point of collapse. Many of them have shed their lives. If you push the medical fraternity and the system to a point of collapse after that virus will have a free for all. Right now, there is a nearly fifty-nine percent of those who go positive in India are recovering, which is the highest in the world. But that number, we will lose. That is our only hope, right now people are recovering because of medical attention. If the medical systems and people who manage collapse under this pressure then these recovery numbers will go down. And that’s not good. At one point, Coimbatore city was declared as COVID free. But once again, it’s in an emergency condition that lockdowns are happening, enforcement is happening forcefully. Sometimes forces, unfortunately, getting out of control. So, WHO and other agencies are talking about a mental illness pandemic. As if the virus pandemic was not good enough. Now, people are causing mental illness pandemic, it’s growing. People are getting mentally frustrated, sick and fearful, loss of livelihoods, loss of businesses. If things close for five-to-six months or more, then a whole lot of people know what happens to them. All this is causing an enormous amount of turmoil. As if that was not enough. In India, we have a little bit of a warlike situation going on. So, every citizen, whichever country you are, wherever you are, you are lucky, you are not administering your nation at a time like this. So, whoever is administering it, whatever differences you have, whatever problems you have with them, till this virus situation passes, everybody should stand up and do our best. Because this is not an enviable job to be managing any country for that matter, particularly a nation like India which is as complex and diverse as it is, how responsibility behaves. If we could do to the whole world certain instruction and they would follow, the entire pandemic would be over in a fortnight. But unfortunately, that’s not possible. People can’t sit in one place. So essentially it’s human compulsiveness, which is taking the virus places. You tell them don’t go there, they will go there, tell them don’t do this, they will do that. And many people are saying that the whole virus is fake information. It is all fake made up by somebody, whatever for whatever reasons. For the administration’s, for the big businesses, for the small businesses, for the employees, for the labor, for institutions. For everybody, there is a massive challenge! Challenges are times when we should rise. But unfortunately, challenging times are the times when people sink, a whole lot of them. This is not new in the world. There have been terrible wars, there have been natural calamities. There have been pandemics also. But when these things happened, a few people rose to their heights, to the best possible way a human being can be!

A few people slithered down to the lowest possible level they could be. This is always the case. Other things will happen before that. The worst-case scenario is, we may end up living how we were living here about twenty-five years ago. How were we living here twenty-five years ago?  Almost without exception, a few unfortunate societies have gone back because of war and tragedies that have happened. Otherwise generally almost everybody is having much more than they had twenty years ago. But twenty years ago we were all fine. And suppose it goes to that point, this is the worst, worst-case scenario. Suppose it happens, why can’t we still live joyfully? It’s almost like our life was wound back twenty years, now we have a new opportunity to once again create these twenty years in a more sensible and ecologically sensitive and in every other way humanly sensitive ways that we can do things. Because of the way we have been going in the world, fundamentally today everything is driven by the economic engine.

Everybody is only talking economy because that’s all that seems to matter. The way we’ve been driving this economic engine if you look at it, the engine is on a roaring, full-on! Providing more and more and more things to everybody. For everybody, there are serious challenges. Everybody will have to adjust their lives in so many different ways. If it comes may sometime around this time next year. And first, it will be given to all the medical personnel and then, like this whoever is more exposed to them will be given; slowly it’ll come. By the time it comes to the whole population on the planet, it may take anywhere between twenty-four to thirty-six months. Even if you go at full production of vaccines and try to vaccinate everybody on the planet, it’ll take that much time if it happens super efficiently. As humanity, we can handle it; as individual people, as communities, as nations. If one against other, well, it will become a real disaster in terms of fatalities but as humanity, if we come together, this is not much of a challenge, we can easily contain it. The economy will roll back a little bit but as long as there is food on the planet. Nothing, difficulties are okay. Let us not transform difficulties into disasters. Disaster can only happen because of human attitude towards the difficulty. Difficulty by itself is not a disaster.

Once you have this handle in your hands then you determine the nature of your experience. Once you determine the nature of your experience you will make sure it will (be?) pleasant… it is pleasant. Especially if the outside has become very unpleasant because of the challenges that life is throwing at us, it’s all the more important that I keep my interiority very pleasant. This much responsibility everybody must be taken.


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