Today women are very aware of their beauty. Today’s age is the age of beauty. So who among us wouldn’t like to be called a beauty queen?

With this requirement for women in mind, many small and large cosmetic companies are vying to establish themselves in the market. But these cosmetics are so expensive that not everyone can buy them.

Do not be disappointed! There are cheap toiletries readily available and many natural products for you. With the help of Fuller’s Earth, you can improve your appearance and make it attractive.

What is Fuller’s Earth or Multani Mitti?

Fuller’s Earth makes your skin clear and shiny in minutes. Because it contains magnesium chloride, which relieves you of the problem on your skin. It’s also know as Multani Mitti.

Incidentally, there are many benefits of Fuller’s Earth.

For example, it is quite common for pimples, blemishes, skin to be lifeless and look unsightly, due to strong sunlight, oily skin, frequent sweats, and heat. In such a situation, if we tell you that you can remove your stains from the house at low prices, then you probably won’t believe it. So today we will show you the benefits of Fuller’s Earth and how to apply Fuller’s Earth.

Benefits of Fuller’s Earth

Benefits of Fuller’s Earth

• Mix the Fuller’s curd and earth and apply it to your face like a mask and wait for it to dry, then after drying wash your face with clean water. With this, you can prevent premature aging spots from appearing. The most important thing is to keep the towel separate.

• If the skin on your face has become ugly and lifeless, then there is nothing to worry about, just apply 10 to 15 minutes of Fuller’s Earth Face Pack daily and regain skin color.

• Grind Fuller’s Earth mixed with rose water and apply to the face to retain moisture on the skin. Because the skin is not dry and dry despite strong sunlight and heat.

organic fuller's earth and use multani mitti

How to Use Fuller’s Earth

1. Fuller’s Earth Pack is a natural antiseptic. Fuller’s Earth With its use, you can keep your face away from pimples, blemishes, and freckles. Its use provides rigidity to the skin.

2. Make a paste by mixing curd in Fuller’s Earth. Apply this paste on your face for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with cold water when it dries. The skin will become balsamic clear.

3. Prepare the package by mixing one teaspoon of Fuller’s earth, one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of gram flour, a little turmeric. By using this package, you will be able to get rid of acne.

4. To improve black skin, add a teaspoon of mustard oil, a teaspoon of cream, and a pinch of turmeric to 2 teaspoons of Fuller’s Earth. Apply this paste all over your skin before bathing.

Use this paste once or twice a week

1. Fuller’s Earth can also be used with cottage cheese, milk, and fruit and vegetable juices. Using it with fruit juice opens the closed follicles of the skin.

2. Make a paste of Fuller’s Earth in tomato juice and apply it to your face daily, it makes your skin clear and clean.

3. If your skin is oily, apply rose water in Fuller’s Earth.

4. To remove facial wrinkles, pack by mixing two tablespoons of Fuller’s Earth, two teaspoons of cucumber juice, and two ground almond nuts. Make sure to apply it to the face once a week so that the wrinkles are removed and the skin becomes smooth and clean.

5. For dry skin, mix two teaspoons of Fuller’s earth with almond oil or honey and apply it to the face. After drying, wash with warm water.

6. Along with the face, you can also use Fuller’s Earth for your hair. Its use makes the hair shiny, smooth and black. Mix two teaspoons of Fuller’s earth with a few drops of curd and lemon and apply it to the roots of the hair.

7. Always apply the pack slowly with a brush or fingertips. If you use the pack three or four times a month, your skin will remain soft and smooth.

Side Effect and Risk of Fuller’s Earth

By reading the benefits of Fuller’s Land given above, you can understand how beneficial the Fuller’s Lands are to us. There is no serious damage to Fuller’s Earth, but we can avoid mistakes in its use. Let’s know those mistakes and those pitfalls

1. If you want to avoid losing Fuller’s Earth, you can apply Fuller’s Earth by adding almond milk and rose water.

2. Girls whose skin is dry or sensitive should not use Fuller’s Earth. If you use it, your skin can become dry and lifeless.

3. Fuller’s Earth is cold, so if you have a cough problem, don’t use Fuller’s Earth. This can cause you more problems.

4. Never use Fuller’s Earth in large amounts on your face. Using Fuller’s Earth in large amounts can cause wrinkles, facial burns, and facial problems.

5. Always keep these things in mind so that your skin does not face any problems and your skin will always remain beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fuller’s Earth located?

Fuller’s Land is located more in the Rajasthan district of Barmer and Bikaner.

How to apply Fuller’s Earth to hair?

Soak the Fuller’s earth in water for 3 hours, then mix the Reetha / Nut Powder Soap well and leave it for one hour and then apply it to the hair after one hour, after 20 minutes, wash the hair with warm water.

How to make Fuller’s Earth soap?

Soak the Indian gooseberry and Reetha / Nut powder Soap at home and after 8 hours mix the curd in gooseberry and Reetha / Nut water Soap. Then add turmeric to the solution, in this solution make the Fuller Earth dough as the dough. Dry the first day in the light sun and the second day in strong sun, your soap is now ready to use.

How and where to get natural 100% pure Fuller’s Earth ?