When can you abandon bright colors and leave only neutral ones?

Neutral interiors have not lost their popularity for more than a decade. However, the decision to use a neutral color in the interior of a person who is poorly versed in design can raise many questions.

What is that shade? How to use it? What is better to combine? Let’s try to find out it all.

What colors are called neutral Interior Design?

Traditionally, the neutral colors include black, white, and all shades of gray. They called achromats (from Greek – “colorless”) since they cannot obtain by mixing red, yellow, and blue (three primary colors).

A feature of the neutral color is also that it occupies a middle position between warm and cold shades. Accordingly to Interior Design Dubai, it can only make an interior warm or cold if mixed with yellow or blue.

Shades of brown are also neutral, even though it has specific temperature characteristics. The combination with orange will give a warm shade, and brown mixed with blue will produce a cool shade.

How to use neutral colors in the interior?

Psychologists assure: the interior, designed exclusively in neutral colors, is chosen by conservatives who think for a long time and plan everything carefully before diluting gray and white colors with bright accents.

If a decision made to use exclusively neutral tones, the texture gives to the interior through the use of matte and glossy surfaces, embossed decor, unique weaving of threads on textiles, and patterns on wooden or stone surfaces.

Those who are not worried about fearless experiments use neutral color as dominant, as the basis of the interior. Bright colors in neutral interiors help to set the right accents.

Neutral colors can use in the interior of absolutely any room, but practice. Most often, they can see in the living room or bedroom.

And all because these shades are relaxing, help to relax your soul. Make the interior truly luxurious with the right lighting.

They are not suitable for the kitchen, because they will not cause appetite. It can make the interior of the children’s room boring, but this problem can be easily solved with, for example, bright toys.

The interior of the bathroom in neutral colors is an ideal option for relaxation, and the hallway in gray will set your guests to have a relaxed conversation from the first minutes of stay in the house.

Neutral colors won’t get boring

  • Have you ever designed a room in bright, vibrant colors?
  • If so, after what time did you have a desire to choose a quieter color?

Or, for example, you bought a red sofa, which, as you thought, must be in your living room. In a few years, if not earlier, it will be very tired of you.

It is the main advantage of neutral colors – you will never get tired of them. And at the moment when you want something more “bolder” and brighter (such a moment is sure to come), you buy some inexpensive accessories and voila. Profitable!


Neutral colors are easy to accent

If the walls paint in bright colors, then they become the center of the entire room, while the rest of the elements “disappear” against their background.

It is not necessarily wrong when appropriately done, and you need to keep that in mind.

Pay attention to the bathroom shown in the photo. Neutral colors allow the modern bathtub, shiny tiles, and wooden staircase to come to the fore.

Neutral decoration – room for experimentation

I always want to see the interior of a house like no one else’s and unique, apply fresh, not beaten up, exciting elements in the design. And in this sense, it seems that the beige-gray palette is so usual, ordinary. But in vain.

Creating a neutral “background” in your home is just the beginning; this is the starting position.

It is on this basis an individual interior built, the creation of which lays down your preferences and your ideas about style and decor.

It is in the interior of neutral colors that everything that does not look together in bright interiors is combined.

The neutral basis will not distract and attract attention, but only serve as a background for bright, excellent, and creative decisions.

In Curtains Dubai are opinion, discreet colors, and a neutral interior is an excellent opportunity to show your talents and experiment with crazy ideas in the walls of your home.

Vary accent colors, combine patterns and prints in detail, and add paintings or posters to the wall, unusual architectural or decorative decor.

A discreet background color gamut will help these elements stand out and create a wow effect.