Matthew Davies Stockton


What’s the best and the worst thing you like about your house? Of course, you love your house clean and tidy, but you hate it when you have to do the job. Cleaning your house seems to be an arduous task and you are often confused about where to start and how to proceed. In this article, Matthew Davies Stockton gives you a step by step guide to fast cleaning tips.

Tips & Tricks

1. Put away the clutter – Whether it is your house or any other area, the first step to cleaning is to clear the clutter. Go around the area and pick up the things scattered around that seem out of place. While putting them away, decide whether you will keep it, dispose of it, or donate it. This will help you keep it in the proper place and save you from hassles later on when you need to find important objects.

2. Arrange your cleaning tools – Make it a habit to store all your cleaning tools in one place. You can either keep it in a bucket or in a bag in the storeroom or tool cabinet. Every fortnight clean your tools, and replace the worn-out ones. When you have all your cleaning tools in one place and in good condition, you save a lot of time during the cleaning process and can do it more efficiently. It also lets you start the job at a moment’s notice.

3. Dust before you vacuum – Dust all the furniture and corners before you start vacuuming the place. Keep the fan off and windows closed so that the dust doesn’t spread. Dust the top and side part of each furniture which is the place where dust mostly settles. There may be some areas like blinds or upper shelves where your hand may not reach easily. Tie a microfiber cloth at the end of the broom or a stick and move it over the area a couple of times. Remember to wipe the sides of frames, bookshelves, television, and any other electronic items.

4. Clean the whole house in one go – At times, you may wonder whether to start with the washroom or kitchen first. It’s a common mistake that people generally do. Do not stick to one room in the beginning. You tend to postpone others and then your house is just half clean. When you start cleaning, make up your mind to clean the whole place. When you start with putting away the clutter, do it as a whole. Repeat the steps for the whole house and not one by one.

5. Thorough Cleaning – To finish the cleaning very thoroughly, go through a few things that are generally skipped. Wipe all the mirrors and glass panes. Wipe the hard surface like countertops. Disinfect the areas like light switches, remotes, and phones that spread germs. Spray the cleaner and disinfectant spray in the kitchen sink, tubs, and basin. Unclog all the drains. Finish the cleaning routine by mopping the area thoroughly. Add a fragrant floor cleaner to give a refreshing smell to your house.


Matthew Davies Stockton believes that you should follow a weekly or biweekly cleaning routine. It’s much faster to clean a mildly untidy place than to clean a very unclean area.