Auto cleaners are way more efficient compared to doing manual labor. The manual broom mop may seem like a good idea to reduce costs, but on the contrary, they could cost you extra. The idea behind automation is to decrease labor costs, and industrial cleaners are great at the job. They are way more efficient, operate silently without any noise, and also take care of germs in a way conventional equipment can’t compete. They also require a fraction of the time a person would take to clean off industrial floors. There are various advantages of industrial cleaners, and Mark Roemer Oakland will explain some of them in detail below. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Advantages

1. Cheaper- Labor costs can represent close to 90% of the total floor maintenance costs. Compared to automated industrial cleaners, the initial cost seems high, but the devices pay for themselves in a few years. But in the case of manual labor, the costs keep stacking in the years to come.

Instead of using mops and brooms, using machines also puts less strain on the workers. The devices enable them to retain their posture without straining themselves. Moreover, using machines to clean yields significantly better results. Ride-on cleaning equipment is known to increase productivity by a significant degree.

Depending on the area you’re cleaning and your facility, you can pay back your investment in a matter of 4-5 months. The initial cost of getting cleaning devices may seem expensive, but they are certainly more profitable in the long run.

2. Efficient- When you use a mop to clean the floor, you’re merely smearing the floor with germs. By using a machine, you can clean the floors more efficiently. They do a way better job of scraping floors of dirt. The machines are faster and are able to cover a lot of ground faster than a human could. Instead of having someone clean using a broomstick who keeps meandering through the hallways, get a machine that saves a significant amount of time and labor with each sweep.

3. Minimize hazards- Wet floors are accidents waiting to happen. An accidental slip can cause mild to severe injuries which could, in turn, hurt your productivity. Let’s not forget the treatments which you might have to pay since the incident took place during work. Machine industrial floor cleaners do a pretty thorough job of cleaning the surface and making sure no such accidents happen.

4. Eco-friendly- Industrial cleaners are a lot more ecofriendly. They consume lesser water and may not even require chemicals to clean the floors. Some floors can be easily cleaned with some strong scrubbers and a little bit of water.

5. Other benefits- Advanced industrial floor cleaners come with multiple settings that deal with different kinds of dirt and grime. You won’t have to use multiple cleaners for different types of floors. The user friendly and ergonomic machines let you switch between modes, helping your business achieve the industry requirements for cleanliness.


These are just a few of the many reasons that support the use of industrial floor cleaners, and thanks to Mark Romer Oakland, you now have the knowledge proving the advantage of using these devices.