Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself

If COVID has left you feeling a little itchy looking at the same four walls for a year, it might be time to take on a new DIY project. 

Home renovations vary in difficulty and length, but there are plenty that you can do yourself to save money and get that huge sense of satisfaction when the job is done.

To help, here are five home renovations you can do yourself. But, it’s important to know your own limits. It’s good to get a balance between a project that you can confidently do and something that challenges you to learn something new. If you still think the project is too tricky, it could save you time and money to call in professionals. 

A new backsplash 

Kitchen stove backsplashes can easily start to look a little dull and drab, so fixing it back up is a good little day project. Unlike showers and flooring, you don’t need special underlay, meaning you can get straight to it. 

You’ll need a few materials like sandpaper (to sand down the wall to start with), premixed tile adhesive, grout, and a grout float. And don’t forget the tiles. You can buy most of your materials and equipment here.

Alternatively, you’ll be surprised how much difference a splash of paint can make. Paint over tiles that are already in place for an even easier DIY project. 


Reflooring might seem like a stressful and complex job, but it can actually be really simple. There are so many different types of flooring available to suit any style and capability. For the novice, peel and stick floor tiles are a quick and easy way to transform the overall look of a room. There’s also Lino and carpet, which can be pretty straightforward. For a real challenge, you could choose to upgrade wood flooring and use a tutorial online to get that Pinterest-worthy parquet styling. 


Paneling is a very popular interior trend right now, so there’s plenty of inspiration online to guide you. With MDF, caulk, and adhesive, you can create a trim around the room or even re-do an entire wall. Paneling has an elegant and stylish finish that’s both traditional yet timeless. 

Smoothing Walls

While you’ve got the caulk to hand, you could smooth any walls that need a little sprucing up. Caulk, filler, and grout will help create a smoother finish to dinted or chipped walls and cabinets before repainting. 


If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s how to do a lot with a little. Plus, walls aren’t the only thing that can be transformed with a lick of paint. You can get paint for radiators, tile paint, and even floor stencils to paint yourself a brand-new look on a budget. 

A few hours of work can make you feel so much better about your home. And as we all start to welcome more and more people into our homes again, now is the perfect time to get DIY-ing.