How to pick the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend

New York takes the distinction of being the best when it comes to fashion and the latest trendy styles. In fact, there is a song after this place saying, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” NY serves as the home for many companies, from financial institutions to the biggest name brands. The Big Apple is also a melting pot of diverse cultures because of its central location. 

As such, when you are searching for any special occasion designer jewelry such as an Oval engagement ring New York is the best place to be. So you’ve finally met your better half, and after spending many fruitful years together, you want to tie the knot. You are ready to settle down with no less than your beloved. You can not wait to get the perfect ring and set up the best engagement surprise. But, there is one problem, you do not know her ring size and what she likes. What will you do in this scenario? They say the hardest part about preparing an engagement is finding the perfect ring. Read on to see how you can find the best bling for your soon-to-be bride.

1. Search For a Reputable Supplier

Before purchasing anything from shoes to jewelry, make sure you do your research. It would help if you found a supplier who is reputable and sells quality pieces. Make sure to look up the best jewelers in your area. You can browse in-store or find deals and steals online. Just be sure to ask for diamond certification that indicates the color, cut, clarity, and carat size. After all, you do not want to buy a $1,500 diamond ring only to find out its zirconium. Ask around on Facebook groups and family chats to make sure you get your money’s worth.

2. Ask The Opinion Of Her Closest Family And Friends

If you are not quite certain of what ring to get her and want to keep it a surprise, ask for a second opinion from her family and friends. Inquire if they know her style preference. Does she like a thick band with a large gem? Or does she prefer a slim minimalist band with a medium-sized emerald cut? She could also prefer an Oval engagement ring in New york.

When picking out ring designs, the options are endless. So you won’t feel overwhelmed, study these details so you can pick out the perfect ring. Above all, ask for her ring size. Knowing the exact ring size will allow you to choose the right fit. An engagement ring is expensive in itself, and getting the wrong fit will mean more money spent on re-sizing.

  • Consider Her Personality

Is she a fun and adventurous type? Then maybe a plain, yellow gold is the way to go. Does she prefer a very classic look? White gold or platinum with a circle diamond will suit her. If she is feminine and loves florals and pink tones, rose gold is the most suitable option. Taking your girl’s personality into account when choosing the ring not only gives the band personality, but it also indicates that you pay attention and care about what she likes.

4. Pretend To Browse Together In a Store

If you are still clueless after going through the previous suggestions, take her to the store. You don’t have to tell her your agenda, just make it seem like you are window shopping. Ask her which designs she thinks are pretty and fit her taste. Or, you could be extremely daring and ask her which ring she’d like if you were to “hypothetically” propose. There are many ways to get this done without ruining your surprise proposal. 

5. Give a Loose Stone And Design It Together

Finally, you can opt for this unique method. Nothing speaks greater of love than personalized items where design is meaningful and stems from the heart. The unique option of proposing with a gem and designing the complete ring, later on, allows your fiance to have the creative freedom to style the ring she will don for life. This option is perfect for making the band a bespoke art piece. Truly, the ring will tell the story of your unique and intimate love.