Tips for how to decorate your house and home office

If you are a certified DIY lover, you would certainly not back out from any potential home improvement projects. After all, what better place to showcase your craft than in the comforts of your home? Whether you are moving into a new place or staying where you currently are, there is always room to decorate your home. Though it may appear easy at first, you may soon realize that home decoration is much more complicated than meets the eye. It can be an absolute challenge to balance your style while still considering your home’s visual appeal and comfort.

That said, a small planning goes a long way. From purchasing artwork online and hanging them on your walls to reorganizing your living room sofas, there are tons of ways to decorate your home without necessarily breaking your wallet. Many shy away from home decoration due to this assumption, but in reality, it does not have to be costly or dreadful. Perhaps, it can be fun and relaxing once you really start getting into it.

Here are three decorating tips that may help your home look as vibrant and welcoming as ever to give you some inspiration. Don’t hesitate to inject your personal style to each of them, so you can truly make your home your own!

Reorganize Sofas

Your living room is the common area for most guests and family members, so you want it to give off an inviting and welcoming vibe. To achieve this, you can reorganize your sofas to create a sense of connection between the people sitting on them. For example, the U-shape design features a sofa, two chairs facing each other, and a coffee table in the middle. This set-up allows for intimacy among guests and boosts the cosines of the living room.

Additionally, avoid pushing your furniture against the walls. Ironically, putting them around the room can give a better sense of space, so people do not feel enclosed.

Hang Some Artworks

Have any bare walls and unsure of how to fill them up? Hanging some framed artworks are the perfect way to do this while also adding character to your place. Look up some artwork online to see if any catches your attention and find a prime spot in your home. Ensure to keep them at eye level and leave just enough space in between each frame. Indeed, artwork can give your home personality, giving off different vibes and moods, so you can easily match them to your style!

Layer Lighting

There are many ways to layer lighting in your home. Though it may seem like a trivial matter, it is actually one of the most important design considerations you should make. Having the right lighting ensures that you can achieve the right ambience and balance in your home. Ambient lighting is the most preferred form of layering, which involves illuminating an entire area with ceiling lights, chandeliers, and other similar structures.

On the other hand, accent lighting allows you to highlight specific parts that you want to emphasize. You can use this for points of interest like artworks or collections since ambient lighting will not make them the focal point. Finally, task lighting helps you perform specific tasks, such as a lamp to help you read or some bathroom vanity lights. Ultimately, layering your lights is important to ensure you get a proper visual of different areas in your home.


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