UNMH Employee Portal: Your Gateway to HSC Intranet

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Welcome to the UNM Health Sciences Center Intranet, a robust and user-friendly online platform designed to empower UNM Health employees in their day-to-day operations. The HSC Intranet is your digital hub, allowing you to Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that you have easy access to the critical information you need for your role at HSC. In this blog, we will explore the various features and resources available through the UNMH Employee Portal, helping you make the most out of this valuable tool.

UNMH Employee Portal: Your Online Resource Hub

HSCLink – Stay Connected Remotely

HSCLink is your gateway to staying connected with your work even when you’re away from the office. Access your emails remotely, ensuring you never miss an important message or update. This feature ensures that your workflow remains uninterrupted, even when you’re on the go.

Learning Central – Expand Your Knowledge

Learning Central is the place to enhance your workplace skills and knowledge. You can register for and take a variety of online courses designed to build your competencies and expertise, all at your own pace. Invest in your professional growth and development through these accessible resources.

Language Services Protocol – Bridging Communication Gaps

In the healthcare industry, effective communication is paramount. Access the National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Health Care and the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health Care Report, empowering you to provide culturally sensitive care and bridge communication gaps effectively.

MOSAIQ Off-Campus Access – Manage Treatment Plans

For oncology practitioners, MOSAIQ off-campus access is a vital resource. It allows you to view your patients’ electronic medical records and manage treatment plans, all while outside the hospital premises. This flexibility enhances patient care and simplifies your daily operations.

UNM HSC Policy Office – Stay Informed

The UNM HSC Policy Office provides you with links to the policies of the entities that make up the Health Sciences Center. Staying informed about policies and guidelines is essential for compliance and ensuring that you’re aligned with HSC’s standards and procedures.

REDCap COVID Positive Reporting – Monitor Health Trends

In light of the ongoing importance of tracking COVID-19, the REDCap COVID Positive Reporting feature enables you to report and monitor positive cases. It contributes to the safety and well-being of the HSC community.

Employee Portal and Cerner Millennium Applications – Access Off-Campus

Access the employee portal and Cerner Millennium applications even when you’re not on campus. This feature grants you the flexibility to work remotely, streamlining your work processes and making it more convenient for you.

LoboCare Network – Your Healthcare Solution

The LoboCare Clinic, part of the LoboCare Network, is designed to meet the urgent healthcare needs of UNM Hospital employees. Schedule an appointment, receive the care you deserve, and ensure your well-being while you continue to serve others.

Novell Messenger – Secure and Convenient Communication

Novell Messenger is your secure, convenient instant-messaging tool, ensuring that you can communicate with colleagues and peers efficiently. Keep your conversations private and your work streamlined.

Nurse Portfolio – Empower Your Nursing Practice

Access resources, tools, and information related to nursing policies and procedures through the Nurse Portfolio. It’s a valuable resource for nurses looking to provide the best possible care to their patients.

Policies and Procedures – Streamline Your Operations

Having easy access to HSC policies and procedures is crucial for maintaining compliance and conducting operations smoothly. The HSC Intranet provides this valuable resource at your fingertips.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Secure Access

UNMH employees can access the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure secure and encrypted access to sensitive data and applications when working remotely. It’s a fundamental tool for maintaining data integrity and privacy.

UKG Dimensions – Streamline Workforce Management

UKG Dimensions simplifies and optimizes workforce management. It’s a valuable tool for managing employee data, scheduling, and other HR-related tasks with ease.

Transparency in Coverage – Stay Informed

Transparency in Coverage is your link to machine-readable files containing negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. Stay informed about healthcare costs and coverage options.

Campus Intranets – Connect Across UNMH

In addition to the UNMH Employee Portal, the HSC Intranet includes several campus-specific intranets for UNM Health employees. These include MyUNM portal, HSC intranet, UNMH intranet, UNM Medical Group intranet (on-campus and off-campus), and UNM SRMC intranet, enabling you to access localized resources tailored to your specific role and location.

unmh employee portal Conclusion

The UNMH Employee Portal is a powerful resource for UNM Health employees. It provides easy access to essential tools, resources, and information, making your job more efficient and effective. Whether you’re a nurse, a practitioner, or an administrator, the HSC Intranet is your gateway to success. Embrace the convenience, stay connected, and utilize these resources to excel in your role within the UNM Health community. Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate through the UNMH Employee Portal, where your success is our priority.

The links are to assist workforce to navigate our complex enterprise by providing a central location for links and resources :

LoboCare Network – Clinical Services for UNM and UNMH Employees

Everyone’s a Lobo

HSC Chief Information Office


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