facebook new emoji

  • Hugging heart care emoji on Facebook and pulsing heart care emoji in Messenger app to be launched
  • Users will be able to use this emoji-like other ‘Thames Reaction’ in their news feed and message.
  • Thumb reaction was started in 2015

The blockade implemented due to the coronavirus increased the use of social media. People are interacting with family and friends using the app, including Facebook, Messenger. The social media site Facebook also provides many of these features during Coronavirus, so that people can be aware of it. The company is soon adding a new reaction feature to its website and application. This new reaction (Emoji) is called Care. A pulsating cardiac reaction will also be given to messenger users connected to it. The company began to launch reactions (Emoji) on Messenger slowly. Currently, the Emoji reaction, heart, laughter, shocking, sad and anger is in operation and will soon be added to the ‘Care Emoji’.

A heart care emoji will be launched on Facebook and a pulsating heart care emoji in the Messenger app. Users will be able to use this emoji in the news feed and the message like any other ‘Reaction to the Thames’. Care Emoji will be released next week on Facebook, and Care Emoji was released on several beta messenger users.
Alexandru Voica, EMEA’s technology manager at Facebook, said in his official Twitter account that the company is offering two new reaction capabilities. Care Reaction on the website will launch next week. It can be seen with the Taste, Love, Sad, Haha, Angry and Wao Reactions. At the same time, this reaction was launched on Messenger. These emojis were introduced to share your emotions during the coronavirus.
The user will be able to provide a ‘Care Emoji’ reaction to other users’ posts, comments, and videos, including content on Facebook. The thumb reaction started in 2015.

Alexandru Voicavs said the company knows that this is a difficult time. We want people to be seen supporting their friends and family. This is the new way for that. If you look at the new Care Reaction Emoji, it is seen as a heart, that is, to make the heartbreak. At the same time, a similar support icon is being made available in the Messenger app.

Previously, it was reported that the Facebook company is working on a multifunctional super app in association with telecommunications company Reliance Jio. Through this application, users will be able to take advantage of many features, including digital payment, social media, games, hotels, flight reservations on the same platform.