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Sometimes it can be funny to think about what the earliest slot developers in the late 1800s would think about the crazy extent of the modern slots industry, especially seeing as these games are now incredibly common online – learn more at Slotzo. Back then the thought of a functioning slot machine was enough to send people crazy, so just imagine what people would think about the modern world of online video slots!

It is always healthy to consider this, because it makes us all appreciate the amazing extent of the slot gambling industry’s evolution. The games nowadays have got outrageously advanced, something that has in turn resulted in millions of new slot gamblers entering the fray every year. But which online slot games should you stay away from? Keep on reading to find out.

Online slot game characteristics to avoid

We would be here for years and years if we were to list all of the online slot games you should avoid in 2021 – there are simply way too many to be this specific! On the other hand, however, there most certainly are ways to check for yourself whether you should stay away from a specific online slot game.

Take a look at some of these online slot game characteristics to avoid:

  • Low RTP: As most online slot aficionados will tell you, one main characteristic of online slot games that you will most certainly want to avoid is low RTP, also known as Return To Player. This is a percentage value that tells you what the average amount you can expect to win back from your overall wager is over the course of a slots session, and it is therefore a great tool to use when choosing a slot game. Avoid low RTPs in most cases, just not with progressive jackpot slot games!
  • Basic bonus rounds: In the modern online slots world basic bonus rounds just don’t cut it! Not only are they going to be a lot less fun to play, but you will also find that the moneymaking potential on these slots is a lot less too. 2021 is the year of exciting, complex and downright lucrative bonus rounds!
  • Poor design: Another thing that is really important to avoid in a slot game is poor design. Honestly, do you really want to be playing a glitchy online slot game with poor overall game design? Not only will it be an annoying experience, but you probably won’t end up winning much either.

Slot game developers you know you can trust

Okay, so that’s a few online slot game characteristics to avoid, now we’re going to look at things a bit more positively and give you some slot game developers that you know you can trust. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • NetEnt: NetEnt are the bona fide champions of the online slots industry, and they have been for a very long time too.
  • Eyecon: Another slots company that have been around since the very start, you just cannot beat Eyecon.