seo content writing tips and strategy idea

Content is the powerhouse behind search engine optimization. The content on your site pages, the content in your blog, even the content that just links to your site matters. And you can Make money selling backlinks from your trending content. In the SEO world, content is king and it has ruled since the first database was created. Not only do you need good, high quality, and optimized content, you need a lot of it. You need content that appeals to every single buyer persona that is likely to buy from you or hire you.

This is exceptionally good for your SEO and for your overall customer satisfaction, so without further ado start implementing these four methods into your SEO strategy today:

Create Buyer Personas

Buyer personas help you categorize your customers by their pain points. By understanding the general “category” that each customer or visitor falls into; you, your marketing team, and your sales team can all better communicate with that customer. Content that is designed to address their specific pain points can only be made, however, after you have created, and even worked to improve your buyer personas.

You need to be able to target, market, and attract different types of buyers. Very rarely is there just one reason why people buy your produce or hire your service. By knowing the why behind each transaction, you can better appeal your business to various types of B2B, and even B2C buyers.

Create Content for Each Buyer Stage

Specific content is perfect for SEO because it is easy to rank for. By keeping your content specific both to the buyer persona, and also the all the stages they may go through in the buyer’s journey, you can keep your content targeted. Targeted content is easier to rank on keywords for, since it is specific and highly relevant.

Invest in Guest Posts

Guest posts offer you a chance to do two things. One, you can showcase your expertise to a new audience and advertise your services. Two, you build your backlink profile both directly (you adding your own link to the post) and indirectly when other readers link to your guest post or even to your site itself).

Optimize Content for SEO

You want more people to see the content you have invested in? Then you need to optimize it for search engines. Content can be reworked and edited and used again and again to bolster your SEO efforts, if it is done correctly.

This means you need to invest in keyword research, use the right balance of internal and external links, and make it user friendly. Combine an optimized post with off-site SEO strategies, and you will see greater and greater returns over a longer period of time.

Targeted content is better for those reading it, and it is actually far better for your SEO efforts. Niche content is always easier to rank on, and your targeted content falls closer to this niche element than trying to attract the broadest number of customers at once. It’s better for your user’s experience, and for your SEO, which counts as a win-win.