If you run or manage a WordPress site today, especially one that has not activated Akismet for spam protection, then you are well aware that people try on blog posts for the sole purpose of putting links. Likes to do and comment. Commentary – Comment.

I can see that if this strategy is an effective form of link building today one might be surprised.

To answer your question, Ed, blogging today is a useless way to create links.

In fact, Experts of the Search Engine Journal listed comments on the blog as one of 18 tactics to avoid links.

The rise and fall of the blog commenting on the link

Blog commenting was a popular link building strategy many years ago.

You can find a lot of information above about using this strategy because it works very well once.

Please listen to me when I say that this strategy worked.

It is not there anymore, and it is not for long.

Like many other popular link building techniques, this one was quickly misused.

Those are the people who take the time to read the article and comment carefully.

Instead, blog posts were quickly invaded by generic, inconsistent, and unwanted comments that were left for the sole purpose of creating links to keyword-rich anchor text.

Eventually, spammers developed tools to automate this process, and spam comments caused significant problems for site owners.

The nofollow tag was announced in 2005 by Google to help site owners fight spam and use publishers on sponsored links and advertising sold on their websites.

When an outbound link is applied, we tell the search engine that we do not support the website that is pointing to this link and that no value should be passed within that outbound link.

Google recently released new features, as a way to allow rel = “UGC” and rel = “sponsored” to rate our outbound links further. (UGC stands for User Generated Content).

The Relay UGC feature is for sites that allow external visitors to contribute content or react to the site’s content.

Another good example would be a web forum.

Shortly thereafter, WordPress announced that they would adapt the Relay UGC feature and apply it to the WordPress comment link.

Are Blog Comments Useful?

Even though blog comments are useless for Casino link building, when used properly, they can grow on your website.

Within the blogging community, this is a common way that you can build blogger-to-blogger relationships by posting support and support from blogger to other bloggers.

As a site owner, user feedback on its content can help you improve your ranking.

User comments can provide additional information about the subject of that page and are typically rich in specific keywords that are naturally used in copy writing.

Especially in niches, like food blogs, cuisine comments usually also include the ability to allow visitors to leave a rating on the recipe, a very valuable feature.

Therefore, do not use blog comments as a way to create links on your website.

If you would like to receive offers inside your space, I would instead think of commenting on related blog posts where you can add a valuable and useful comment based on your experience on the subject.

You may find that other readers will come to your comments, find them useful, and also visit your site.