Website design for startups needs to be both affordable

Business branding is a critical step for the success of new small businesses or lean startups. The necessary branding elements can become expensive to ensure professionalism, therefore it is useful for new business owners to know what free tools are available that still provide a good quality brand image. This article will provide a guide on the top companies like TRUiC who offer free online branding tools and tips.  

Branding elements compose visual aspects like website design, logos, colors, fonts, symbols, icons, and more to create the ‘face’ of a business, this will determine how visitors and potential clients interact with the brand. A brand with a clear message and attractive appearance will be remembered more than a brand put together without due diligence. It will create an identity for the business, forming deeper connections and trust, not only among employees, but customers too.

For start-ups it might seem like a luxury to build a brand that lives up to high standards, not to mention the high costs involved. But, the best way to create a valued brand, maintain low costs and high quality is to know where to look. Top companies like TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) offer free branding and logo design tools like the logo generator and business name generator, that will cut costs significantly for startups. As a group of entrepreneurs with education as a primary goal, and having helped over 200, 000 other entrepreneurs in the United States, TRUiC offers in-depth how-to guides and resources that cover all the aspects of starting a business.

TRUiC’s Free Logo Maker 

TRUiC’s Logo Maker is accessible to anyone; no prior design experience is required. All that is needed is a business name and tagline and the generator tool will provide thousands of options. There are over 700 industries to choose from. The logos are developed by designers from TRUiC and can be based on either icons, symbols, fonts or graphics. Open-source fonts and visual graphics are also available to use. 

Users can download and customize their logos immediately, it can be used for business cards, merchandise, or communication and correspondence, for example, emails and social media like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. TRUiC offers various logo design tips to consider before making a professional and unique brand identity, primarily, brainstorming the purpose and outcomes of the brand. 

Another important factor when designing a logo is to be as clear and concise as possible to convey the meaning of the brand, for example, if it is a restaurant use imagery related to a restaurant. Colors will set the tone and mood of the brand, and understanding their effects can go a long way. Warm colors like pink, beige, or yellow will be more welcoming than their counterpart cooler colors like blue, purple or green. Additionally, it’s recommended to use a font style that will be easy to read upon first glance of the logo. 

TRUiC’s Free Domain Name Generator

Web design is part of the business branding process. For startups, a website and its design can be done quickly while maintaining quality and professionalism. It does not require spending thousands of dollars on professional services or knowledge of coding. Before setting up a website it’s advised to search for domain name availability so that another company is not using the same name. TRUiC’s Domain Name Generator will search possible name ideas with .com or other TLD (top-level domain) availability, including the state the business will operate in. 

Once a domain name is found, a website can be set-up within a few hours. Popular website builders are Wix, GoDaddy, or Elementor, however there are many more to choose from according to personalized business needs. Tips to ensure a good quality web design include user-friendly navigation for customer retention, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking is important as it will determine how much traffic is driven to the site, and  accessibility across multiple mobile devices. 


With the online market being as diverse as it is, business branding has never been easier. Lean startups can create their brand on their own terms and still focus on building their business with low overheads.