Buy godaddy .com domain cheap price

It may be you well know with how to buy the domain from GoDaddy but it will be you have not idea about how to buy GoDaddy new .com at 99 cents or in 91.00 INR.

Before you learn the process of how to book them at a cheap price. You will first have a quick look at the infrastructure behind the internet domain registrar which makes the whole process work. Understanding this will help you troubleshoot your domain name when things go wrong.

When you register a domain name, you need to choose a top-level name for the domain name. Examples of top-level domain names are
.com, .net & .org . Information about these top-level domains is held on a special DNS server and managed by approved organizations.

To understand the process a bit better consider what happens when you register a DNS name and thus own and control part of the internet so to speak. To do this, you need to put the request to register the DNS name through an internet domain registrar, for example, Go Daddy.

If the request is successful, a zone file is created on the internet domain registrar with the DNS records for the newly created domain name on a minimum of 2 DNS servers. Once the zone file is created, you are free to add any record that you wish to this zone file.

The issue is, how does a DNS server on the internet know how to find this zone file and thus resolve DNS requests for that DNS name For this to occur, DNS records in the .com zone need to be created. These records contain the address of a minimum of 2 DNS servers that hold the zone files. In this case, the internet registrar will have their DNS servers and will point these DNS records to their DNS servers.

So now everything is setup. If a DNS server wants to resolve a DNS request, it asks the top-level domain server where the zone file
for that domain is being kept. The top-level domain DNS server will respond with the address of the DNS server that is holding the DNS zone. In this case, the DNS server will be one of the registrars that the DNS name was registered with.

In some cases, you may have the DNS servers you wish to use – or different DNS servers hosted by another company. Remember you always need to have at least two. When this occurs, you can have your registrar change the DNS record in the top-level domain to the address of your DNS servers. Once this is done, you simply need to create and manage your zone file on these DNS servers.

Although this is possible when you register a domain name and use the hosting providing by that registrar and then add other services like e-mail, these services are configured automatically if they
are not pre-configured. If you change the DNS servers you will need to ensure that the new DNS servers are configured with the required
DNS records. If they are not, be warned, if you attempt to restore the original settings, the process can take 24 to 48 hours to completely take effect. For this reason, think carefully before you make such a decision to change which DNS servers are hosting the DNS records for your site.

First of all, you will open the browser and then open the page To start with, you will enter in the domain name to see if it is available to be registered. If available add that to my cart to be registered.

When the domain name is added to the cart, some additional options appear which can also be added to the cart. If you press continue to checkout, none of these options will be added. By default, the option “privacy protection” is selected. you have to unselect all unrequired option.

Now that it has been added to the cart, you will select the option at the top, and apply coupon code to continue to checkout.

Lastly, you need to enter in your credit card details – or Paypal details, to buy it.