Best Examples Of Digital Storytelling

Storytelling has been here since man took his first steps on earth. Be it the carvings and drawings in the caves or hiero graphic in the pyramids, each of them is telling a story. Now, with the advancement in technology, we can share tales with people around us easily and efficiently. Digital storytelling is the new way of telling stories with the help of media tools. This has become a source of entertainment that everyone is liking these days. Even you could create a digital story and publish it on the internet. This is why you would need a good storytelling platform.

What is a storytelling platform?

A storytelling platform is nothing like a blog or micro websites that would need a programmer to create it. You can call storytelling platforms as user-friendly specialized tools with which you could make your content reach the target audience. Now that you know what a storytelling platform is, the only obstacle is to choose the best one for you. Some of the best storytelling platforms are given below.


YouTube is one such website that everyone knows about. YouTube could serve as a great storytelling platform as it is free, has a lot of audiences, and is trustworthy. If you gain enough audience for your content, the platform would pay you well and not to mention the money which you would get from the advertisements.

The problem which you would face when you will use YouTube is that it is too generic. The people on YouTube might not even be aware of your channel which would result in no exposure of your content as well as no monetization of your stories. The second problem with the platform is competition, many people are on the platform with the same type of content, and hence they might attract potential audiences towards their own.

One could define the platform as the best place for people who love to write and read stories. If you are an aspiring writer the platform is the best shot for you. gives chance to everyone, be new writers or professional famous personalities. You could even follow your favorite writers on the platform and see their best creations. is not a place where your work would remain forever. Your post could get archived and you may lose your foothold on the platform. Another drawback is that the website would thwart the potential audience to go to your official website by not giving you the benefits of search engine optimization or SEO.

If you want to make an interactive story full of media elements then this is the platform you are looking for. Storify lets you add different media elements to make it engaging and helping you gain more audience. One of the major benefits of using this as your storytelling platform is that it gives you benefits of SEO to help you market your content. People who are not into technology could also use the platform to give exposure to their work without any problem.

The problem which you might face with the platform is that you can’t get your content out of it. The platform is also quite adamant about its theme which doesn’t let users tinker with it.

Need easy money by writing stories? Atavist is the answer to your question. The platform delivers a professional look to your stories and profile by letting you sell your stories and even providing you with a logo. The platform helps you to embed your stories with the latest media tools making them more interesting for your audience. But, the platform has so many tools that it becomes difficult for new users to use them. Moreover, you are not allowed to use all the features of the platform as they are meant only for those who have bought their paid version.

Telling your tale to others has never been this easy. With different storytelling platforms, writers from all over the globe are publishing their stories. Moreover, these platforms are always updating themselves, making them more user-friendly with each passing day. It doesn’t matter which platform you choose or which story you write, what matters is that you could be you while posting a tale you always wanted to.