Link building is one of the SEO techniques that can help in boosting the search engine ranking of your website. Links are one of the major ways that search engine algorithms use to determine the relevance of a webpage. Having a good number of links for content on your website would indicate that the content is valuable, informative and engaging. Both external as well as internal linking can provide more visibility to a website. A perfect link building company can help your brand by offering various services and packages such as SEO and Link Building Packages. 

Factors that determine the quality of links:

·         Global Popularity: Popular websites have chances to receive more external links. Many informative websites of international fame may end up on top of the search results as various websites link to it.

·         Local Popularity: This refers to inbound links that are available from similar websites. The only factor that should be looked into is the genre of the websites that get linked. The websites should belong to the same niche market for search engines to rank the website.

·         Anchor Text: When someone links to your content using a specific keyword as anchor text, this would send a signal to search engines that the website is a good resource for the particular keyword. However, if the anchor text that brings visitors to a page uses the same keywords very frequently, then the search engines would suspect the website as spam.

·         Link Context: Links can be more valuable when the context is directly related to the topic on your website. The transition from the current webpage to the linked page should be seamless.

·         Source of the Link: Links from authoritative websites are preferred by search engines than links from less reputed websites. Search engines can sift through spam or irrelevant links, content and websites. The search engines can rank a website based on the reputability of the backlinks in the content available on the website.

·         Page Authority: One of the most influential factors that indicate the link quality is the authority of the page linking to a brand’s website. It can significantly impact the rankings of the website if the authoritative pages are willing to link back to the website.

·         Site Relevancy: The relevancy of a website is also an important aspect that can help in link building. Make sure that the link building is done from an authoritative website that belongs to the same niche market. This would prove to be more valuable to the search engines to provide credibility to your website. Acquiring links from websites that belong to the same niche is one of the best practices when it comes to link building.

·         Link Positioning and Placement: A useful link needs to be well-placed. If websites would like to place links in your website, it means that they consider your website as an authority in the niche market with high-quality content and engagement. The position of the link and its placement should be done carefully. The links found in the sidebars or footers may not be as worthy as the ones that are positioned within the body of the content of a webpage. Hence, the position and placement of links plays a vital role in gaining search engine rankings for a website.

·         Blog Posts of Guests: Guest blogging, in most cases, would be considered as spam by most search engines. The quality of a guest post would depend on various factors such as whether the content contains anchor text, relevant content and whether the content is engaging. If a good quality guest post gets published on an authoritative or relevant website, the link in the post would help in boosting the rankings of the website.

·         Co-occurrences of Anchor Text: Co-occurrences are the words that usually appear around the link. The text around the link can indicate what the page or website is all about. It can also be a factor that can help search engines determine the relevance and authenticity of the link.

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Tips for Successful Link Building Strategy

·         Make sure to Create Content that adds Value to your Website: Before building the links, you would require content with high quality that would motivate others to link with your website. Sharing in-depth and detailed content, explaining the features, along with photos would build interest and curiosity among the visitors. Unique and valuable content increases the chances for websites to naturally link to your website.

·         Keep an Eye on Competitor’s Content and Backlinks: Competitor research is two-fold. Identify the topics selected by the competitors. You can identify the gaps or any areas of improvement. If your competitor has not provided a detailed write-up regarding some topic, you can utilise that opportunity and can provide detailed content on your website. if you include photos or a video, the visitors would love to engage with the content.

·         Research Regarding the Niche for Link Building Opportunities: A basic search on a search engine can reveal the websites that link well with your niche market. Prepare a list of relevant websites and blogs which you would like to link to your website. In most cases, some websites will not be willing to link with your website in the initial stage. However, as your brand builds momentum, you will be able to successfully attract links from various reputable websites that belong to your niche market.

·         Promote Your Content: One of the critical components of link building strategy is outreach or content promotion. Links can be naturally earned without much content promotion once a website establishes its authority in the niche market. However, outreach can be a direct way to link building success. After making a list of relevant websites, get in touch with blogs, influencers, journalists and other professional websites. Mention why the content is valuable for the readers and then invite these websites to share and link to your website. 

Sharing the content with the audience can also help in gaining the attention of relevant websites. You can use social media to promote the content and link to your website. Send newsletters to the existing customers regarding the content. The more exposure people get to your content, the more likely are they to engage with it.

·         Completely Avoid Buying Links: Unless you want to take a risk and get your site removed from appearing on search engine results, never attempt to buy a link. Buying links may look like a cheap and quick way to build links but you may get only low-quality links that won’t impact or improve search rankings in any way. Search engines can penalise a website if links are bought. The website would go down in the SERPs or may get completely removed from search engine results! This would affect the lead generation and may impact sales of the business. Over half of website traffic is a result of organic searches.

Making use of link building strategies can help a website gain relevant and important links. It can improve a website’s ranking and can help brands gain traffic for their website!