Getting confused between a dedicated server and dedicated colocation hosting. The word dedicated common to both creates a feeling of delusion, but the picture is very much different from the delusional picture. In dedicated server hosting, a client leases an entire server housed in an off-site data center that is totally dedicated to their own use. Whereas, in a dedicated colocation hosting, the client chooses a rack or space or can also be called cabinet in a highly secured off-site data center to house their server hardware and shares their facilities and its services with other colocation subscribers under the same data center.

While both dedicated server or dedicated colocation hosting is on lease but there are other major differences too. With dedicated colocation hosting, you are the complete owner of the hardware OS (Operating System) you want to use and one has to pay for all the upgrades as and when it comes.

Apart from this, dedicated colocation hosting has an edge over other kinds of hosting services as well. The cost of running a data center in-house is something which is unimaginable for small enterprises. Also, it is not sure whether the company is going to get that much in return to overcome the costs incurred in building and maintaining the in-house data centers. In shared or public hosting, there is a threat of losing confidential data and focus cannot be made on any one of the clients when the services are shared. Seeing all this dedicated colocation hosting has made its way to become one of the most favorite kinds of hosting as it serves all the purposes and one has not to even lose their whole pocket for it.

Now without wasting any further time, let’s get started with the advantages of dedicated server hosting so that you can get a more translucent picture-

Augmenting business potential

Colocation companies are specialized in the field of data centers and network services. Hence your primary task now becomes to boost your business. Now you can dedicate all your time is not finding excuses for any failure in your business, but in-fact finding solutions for it. Not getting the point, ok imagine there is a problem with hosting the data at 3:00 AM. What you will do when there will be no dedicated employee at that point in time. The last resort to this problem would be panicking, but why to go through all this when you are getting all the parallel services at such reduced costs. Hence, it’s time to give up all your worries related to power solutions, cooling systems, power and battery levels and achieving 100% uptime which has also never left your thoughts.

Global level cognizance and connectivity

There is no other service other than colocation hosting that can give you as a fast service and resilient connectivity and at a cost which is as cheap at twice the price. Basically, after taking dedicated colocation server hosting, you can call the situation as a finger in every pie. Your organization will be definitely benefitted when it will be connected so globally, quickly and securely. You will feel the difference by yourself once your business will be switched from an onsite server room which loses internet connection or has an intermittent one. Within dedicated colocation hosting, there is a dedicated personnel traffic monitoring staff that is assigned that your connection remains on and ensures the traffic flow is smooth throughout.

Good supervision over redundancies

Colocation facilities are designed in such a way so as to meet all the hardware needs like cooling power, generators, backups and security systems. Colocation centers are equipped with specialists wholeheartedly monitoring 24/7 are also in charge of any arrangements as and when required. Although colocation involves a little more of your engagement when compared to dedicated server hosting by this you will have good and medium control over your data.

Limitless scalability

When it comes to bandwidth, colocation is a step ahead of all the other hosting services. It is very easy to scale up or down when your data is hosted over a colocation hosting service. In fact, the scaling modus operandi is all in the hands of the IT management of your colocation hosting service provider.

Colocation helps in cloud migration 

If your next step is cloud migration, then colocation is similar to a blessing in disguise. It makes the procedure of transition by allowing you to move your equipment to an offsite facility as smooth as possible. This is all been done without any compromise with the performance in the business.

More space for growth as expected

With your data been hosted under colocation server hosting there is a big space available for expanding the infrastructure that exactly fits your company’s growth and can instantly support your requirements at minimum cost.

It can be concluded by saying that dedicated colocation server hosting can be counted as a service that fits best under your business requirements and has the ability to grow alongside your enterprise.