Maximize The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Essentially the fundamental reason so many people across the country spend valuable time and money actively increasing the curb appeal of their home is to subsequently increase the overall value of their property. 

Here are the top four ways to maximize the curb appeal of your property. 

  1. Accessorize Your Door and Front Porch

First impressions count, especially to potential buyers of your property and it is therefore crucial that you create as good a first impression as humanly possible. 

Spruce up your front door and surrounding areas with a fresh lick of paint, preferably in a clean, cool color which contrasts and complements the colors of your walls and windows. Change the doorknob if it appears to be looking old and scratched and consider the addition of a door knocker for the center of the door. Finally, add a brand-new door mat (forgo the cliched positive motivational quote) to finish off the aesthetic and create a welcoming feel when entering your home. 

Additionally, it is equally important your windows are as clean as possible and any cracks or stains on the window frames themselves are tended to. 

  1. Renovate Your Roof

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that the odd broken tile on a roof will go unnoticed by potential buyers and viewers of their property and this is absolutely to their detriment. 

It is strongly advisable when wanting to sell your property to pay for a detailed roofing survey to be carried out as renovating or replacing your roof will significantly increase the value of your property as a whole. Hiring a roofing contractor is one of the best ways to guarantee your property will be as attractive as possible to potential buyers. 

  1. Ensure Your Garden Is Aesthetically On Point

Flowers are a universally accepted way of adding beauty and a touch of nature to the aesthetic of your property, so it is advisable to spend time cultivating a hanging basket or flower box. Use bright and fresh colors and be sure to regularly water the plants to ensure whenever a prospective buyer drives by your property, they are looking their very best. 

Adding a few statement potted plants to your front step will also improve the look of the doorway and spend time tending to any borders and plants in your front garden. 

  1. Recognize The Importance of Symmetry

One of the most beneficial and powerful tools of exterior design is symmetry, which plays an important part in attracting potential buyers who are interested in your property. 

Symmetry is even more useful when wanting to create focal points for your home and the addition of window shutters on each side of your windows can make an impactful and impressive difference to the overall aesthetic of your property. Additionally, the installation of an affordable water fountain or sculpture in the front garden will draw a person’s eye to your home and convey a sense of luxury.