All the specialty coffee roasters to look out for in Sydney

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of the world’s most liveable cities and Australia’s most populated metropolis, with over 5.3 million residents. It is also a popular destination among domestic and international travellers with its spectacular beaches, vibrant nightlife, and iconic architectural marvels like the Sydney Opera House.

Apart from offering impressive attractions, the Harbour City also entices budding entrepreneurs, particularly coffee shop owners, given its business-friendly environment and strong coffee culture. If you plan on running a café in the area, you have every chance of succeeding for as long as you understand good coffee. 

Sydneysiders are finicky about their coffee, and tourists travel far to experience a high-quality cup. Given your would-be-consumers’ discriminating taste, your entry to the coffee shop industry should start by finding the best coffee roasters in Sydney. To serve as a guide in your search for a reputable coffee beans supplier, consider the following pointers:

Taste and See

While you can ask for referrals, it is best to start your search process by focusing on taste rather than brand names. Visit as many coffee roasters in the city as possible so that you can try their product offering. 

Please note your initial impression, what you like and do not like about their coffee, and what stands out for you. Free your mind from bias and let your taste buds tell you what you may not find in brochures and websites. 

As the famous adage goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” which means you can only know if something is as good as advertised once you try it. Ultimately, you should only serve a product that you enjoy yourself. 

Learn More

Once you are through with product tasting, the next step would be to make a shortlist of suppliers who impressed you with their coffee. Once you have their names, it is time to learn more about their company so that you can discern whether you can build a fruitful relationship with them. 

Visit each roaster on your list so that you can ask about their company, such as what they stand for and what set them apart from others. Make sure to inquire on the following points when you meet with them:

▪ Years in the business

▪ Reputation in the industry

▪ Product selection

▪ When and where the coffee beans are roasted 

▪ Delivery schedule

▪ Assistance to urgent coffee concerns/Customer service

▪ Past and existing clients

▪ Service offerings and other benefits like equipment, training, consultancy, etc.

▪ Price and wholesale discounts

▪ Terms of purchase

Compare Vendors

After you have met with all the roasters you are eyeing, you should sit down and start comparing suppliers against each other based on the information you have gathered. Rank them according to how they satisfy your needs as a new business. Do not forget to consider the intangibles as well, such as how the vendor appreciates your company goals and how their business principles match yours.

Australian coffee is starting to dominate the international coffee scene primarily because of sincere appreciation for high-quality coffee. As such, you should exert time and effort to find the most reputable coffee roasters in Sydney that you can partner with. Keep in mind that where you source your coffee beans can mean the difference between business failure and success.