making your budget for promotional mugs india

A promotional mug is one among the most affordable and effective ways to create company awareness and brand recall. It ensures that your company logo is always visible whenever they use the merchandise. In comparison, a pen’s lifespan is only as good until the ink is exhausted and a shirt would not be worn every day. As opposed to the business card, which goes directly to the wallet or the cupboard, the customer will see your brand first the moment they wake up to make coffee or tea.

According to industry data, companies spend over $1.34 billion each year on promotional merchandise items. Based on the assessment, their expenses yielded a high return on investment. For instance:

  • More than 5 in 10 believe that the promo items resulted in a more positive impression on their brand.
  • More than 7 in 10 customers can recall the name of the company giving away the promotional mugs, for example.
  • Almost 5 in 10 use the merchandise and giveaway daily.
  • More than 5 in 10 have kept their promo item for over a year.
  • 5 in 10 people will do business with the company.

How Much do Promotional Mugs Cost?

When you are hunkering down to lay down your advertising budget, you need to know a few things. For example, the amount will depend on the type of promotional mugs you will choose. Some materials are more expensive than others.

Below are the types of mugs and their estimated costs:

  1. Ceramic – Ceramic mugs are an excellent choice because customers almost always use them to hold their coffee or tea. It means that the first thing they will see in the morning is your brand logo. As far as prices go, they range from a low of $4 each to a high of $20 for a set.
  2. Metal – While ceramic mugs stay in one place, such as your office or home, people carry the metal canisters all around to hold their cold drinks. You can buy one for $3.40 for an impressions tube or $15 for a double-wall mug.
  3. Plastic – The plastic mug is the cheapest option since you can have one made for under $3 bucks. Another advantage is that it is very durable and does not break, unlike with the ceramic promotional mugs.
  4. Travel mugs – The beauty of a travel mug is the variety of choices. You can buy a travel mug with a handle so that the customer can use it to hold soups, noodles, hot tea or coffee. There are also some variations like a bamboo mug (retail price $15.51), which will turn heads for its unique look. Another advantage is that they are the most affordable option, especially if your budget is limited. For example, you can buy a travel mug for under $4 each.

How to Budget for Promotional Merchandise

The question is, how much should you allocate for your budget on promotional mugs. Entrepreneur Magazine has suggested that the more established you are as a brand, the lower your spend for promo items would be. And it is understandable because new companies have to create awareness for their brand and they need more exposure to do so.

According to the same article, companies with less than five years of experience carve 12-20 per cent of their annual revenues for advertising. Meanwhile, when they become more established, their advertising budget drops to 6-12 per cent. But it depends on your company. If you order 1,000 pieces of ceramic mugs at $5 apiece, it will only set you back $5,000, which is a reasonable price. Since the number of pieces is limited, you can amplify their value by giving them away as an added value or a prize item. For instance, if they buy two items from you, they get a free mug. But that is only an example and your company’s mechanics is entirely up to you.