how to make your business environmentally sustainable

In the midst of anthropogenic (human-induced) climate change, it is our role, job, and responsibility as global citizens to do all that we can to reduce the impacts of climate change. Climate change has come about primarily due to the negative, often destructive and damaging, relations and interactions that some humans have had with Planet Earth. So, to restore this balance, we must work with, as opposed to against, the world we live in. How? By taking environmental concerns seriously and doing all we can to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. Businesses play a large role in this. To be successful, everyone must all work together. So, everyone, from individuals within a household to small and large-scale businesses, should work cooperatively. As a business owner, one of your primary objectives (presumably) is to create money. So, this article aims to give businesses and business owners ideas and tips on how to help the environment while also generating profit – a win-win situation. 

Environmentally friendly marketing strategies 

Marketing is of utmost importance in businesses as it can help boost sales, increase company reputation, source new ideas, and introduce new products. So, it is safe to say that marketing, especially if it is effective, can massively help boost the profile of your business. Importantly, marketing strategies, such as using custom reusable coffee cups, like those provided on great creates who sell promotional products, can benefit your business and the environment simultaneously. How? 

Well, using reusable coffee cups is more eco-friendly than using single-plastic, paper, or one-use options. This is because despite the fact that they have an initially larger environmental impact in terms of production, in comparison to the paper ones, over time, they are more resource-efficient. This is because they are designed to be used thousands of times during their life span. So, for coffee drinkers, reusable coffee cups can last around an average of eight years. Importantly, drinking coffee has become trendy, and so more and more people are consuming the beverage. So, producing and investing in reusable, custom coffee cups could be a great marketing strategy as the word and name of your company would spread while also helping the environment.

Office supplies 

If your business operates in a working space such as an office, you could be more environmentally friendly by choosing eco office supplies. For example, the business could:

  • Start using refillable pens as opposed to throw-away and disposable options. They are better for the environment because they lead to less plastic waste. Also, they will be cheaper in the long term. So, using them will benefit your business by saving money. 
  • Create a waste review or audit to measure and monitor how much office supplies (e.g., paper, pens, pencils) the business is wasting. Once you know what items you are wasting the most of, you can improve practices to help reduce waste. Reducing the amount of waste creates benefits for both the business and the environment.