How to prepare students for naplan year 3

In 2008, Australia started the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy), which is the annual assessment for year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students. The government brought NAPLAN into existence to determine the literacy and numeracy skills of students across the country.

Parents and children alike take this test seriously, and many of them depend on NAPLAN tutoring for assistance. This is because this test goes beyond assessing the potential of a child to succeed in school. It also says a lot about the likelihood of school children to do well in the real world.

How is it used for?

For students, the NAPLAN test covers skills in writing, reading, spelling, grammar, and numeracy. This can help evaluate their ability to do things successfully using their skills, how competent they are in doing calculations, filling out forms, finding work, and many other things that are vital for everyday life.

The teachers also use the results to determine the higher-performing students, typical students, and low-performing students and challenge all of them to do better. The results of the assessment are used to record the development or changes of the student progress.

By doing this, the government and schools can establish goals in the teaching programs by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Preparing for the Assessment

According to the Australian Curriculum, one effective way to prepare for NAPLAN is to focus on the numeracy and literacy content, as it measures the performance of a student in these specific areas.

  • Reading preparation

It is important to work on the reading skills of your child, as their ability with reading has a connection with most of the tests. If your child is good at comprehension, it will be easier for them to understand the question. Reading skills also aid in writing tasks, wherein the students need to write the answers after reading something.

Help improve the comprehension and vision of your child by giving them different kinds of books to read. You may include those reading tests from the previous samples to give them an idea of what to expect from the assessment.

  • Writing preparation

Teach your child to structure words and form sentences correctly. Writing tests require a good understanding of the language as well as the endurance to write. There are sample papers that you can give your child for some writing tasks to increase their endurance and learn to communicate their ideas through writing.

  • Numeracy preparation

Doing lots of practice is the best way to prepare your child for a numeracy test. Let them solve various mathematical problems to help sharpen their math skills. You can use the ones from the textbooks or from the sample numeracy tests.

  • Language Features preparation

For this, your child needs to work on their grammar skills, including punctuation and tenses. Give them tasks on writing essays and stories. Let them pick the topic and encourage them by giving positive feedback. This will help increase their dedication and interest in practising for the test, in general.

NAPLAN assesses the skills of a student that has been developed throughout the year. Avoid cramming your child with information as it can result in anxiety and stress. What you can do is help them prepare for the test continuously.

Using NAPLAN tutoring is also a good consideration to take to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of your child. The tutor will know how to develop these skills much further.