creative ways to market your business

The marketing of your company is essential if you are to break into new markets, expand your customer base and give your business opportunities to grow. However, many firms take a rather lax approach to their promotional activities. It is not uncommon for companies to target their marketing budget first when it comes to cost-cutting in the leaner times.

Contrary to popular opinion, marketing need not necessarily cost the earth. If you struggle to find cost-effective ways to market your firm on a budget, read on for some tips from the experts that will allow you successful company promotion without breaking the bank. 

Use your premises as an advert for your company

One of the biggest overheads of running a firm is commonly the costs of offices or other associated premises. Clearly, giving your staff a place to work is essential to allow them to perform their roles, but you could make even greater use of your workspace by turning it into a display ad for your firm. Wrapping your building in a large mesh banner made from this material could effectively turn it into a massive advertisement and give you a beneficial secondary use from your premises. 

Make the best use of all your communications

In the course of a normal business day, most firms typically send out masses of emails, letters, texts or other correspondence – but very often companies fail to fully promote themselves in these communications? As a rule, you should ensure everything that leaves your company features your logo, contact information, slogan and web address to ensure consistent branding and encourage communication. 

Turn company vehicles into branded mobile billboards 

Similar to the idea of turning your office into an advert for your company, adding vehicle wraps to company cars can be a great way to achieve free mobile advertising. 

Get social on social media

Many business owners still take a slightly derisory view of social media, considering it more the preserve of angst-ridden teenagers instead of embracing the considerable promotional benefits the platforms can bring. 

The big players like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should be high up your list of services to target but do not forget the many smaller services that may prove more beneficial to your company. For example, with its high female-to-male user base, Pinterest is one of the least used platforms by companies but could bring spectacular benefits – particularly if you run a company that sells mostly female-oriented products or services. Also, as the platform features mostly photos and videos, it can prove highly effective for visually-based promotions for everything from fashion items like clothing and tights to beauty products and jewelry. 

Guest write for blog sites

Guest writing for other sites and blogs can be a hugely effective way to prove your skills, knowledge and experience while also providing a useful backlink to your website which will benefit your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Guest writing is great for offering an unobtrusive and impartial way to promote your company. 

Use seminars or presentations to promote your firm

The skills you have learned through your career can be of great interest to others so offering free seminars or presentations could give you a chance to share your knowledge while also indirectly promoting your firm.