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Parenthood is a wonderful journey full of love, joy, and wonder, and for many women, becoming a mother is a life-long dream. It’s one that, when achieved, seemingly reaffirms all the reasons they desired it in the first place – an intrinsic connection to a tiny being that depends on them entirely, a sense of purpose and responsibility, and an overwhelming love.

Whilst motherhood comes complete with all of the above, it’s also replete with difficulties and various obstacles to navigate. Traditional expectations of mothers – based on outdated patriarchal perceptions of women and femininity – outline that, once born, children are the be-all and end-all of a woman’s life and women should be satisfied with staying home to raise the children, cook, and clean. Although these expectations seem to have diminished among general society, they are still, sadly, perpetrated by a small minority of the world’s population – male and female. The past 40 years in particular, however, has witnessed a huge rise in the number of women in the workforce in general, and an increase in the number of mothers choosing to return to work post-partum – because if we’re honest, as wonderful as becoming a mom is and as much as you love your child, having a limited amount of adult conversation can take its toll on you mentally.

In this respect, those women that have become mothers (whether for the first, second, or third time) in the past year have perhaps had the most difficult experience of all, being locked down and undergoing restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In many cases, where partners have been able to return to work, this has left mothers completely isolated at home caring for their child or children, with little help or support from loved ones due to circumstances. Many of them have had to work full-time while caring for little ones and navigating the horrors of home-schooling.

So, as the world gradually begins to return to some form of normal, there will be many parents cheering at the thought of being able to re-enter a more adult world, complete with adult conversation, music, and food choices! 

For some moms, all this time alone has helped them realize that their career is unfulfilling, not quite the right fit for life with a family, or has reached a dead end. In this article, we’ll list a variety of career suggestions to suit moms who are ambitious and hard-working, and who are looking for a change. So, if you fit this remit, read on to find out more.      


If you’re the sort of person who enjoys looking after others, including the sick and vulnerable, can withstand long periods working on your feet, and are looking for a rewarding challenge, nursing could very well be the career for you. In a period where there’s a growing demand for healthcare professionals, there’s never been a better time to embark upon a career in nursing. For those who still want or need to work while training in a new career, it’s possible to obtain the relevant degree and accreditations from an online degree. The Texas Woman’s University Online Nursing Program – which is, despite its name, open to both men and women – runs five different online nursing programs for potential candidates, ranging from a Master’s to a Post-Master’s to a Ph.D., depending on your prior qualifications. The process to enquire further is easy – simply click the button on the home page to make an appointment with a dedicated admissions counselor. 

Not only is this career fast-paced and fulfilling, but it also has the potential for progression and is a constant learning process.   

Life Coaching

A career that has existed for many decades but that is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, life coaching (which includes both relationship and career coaching) is a varied, interesting, and, again, rewarding career path. The requirements for people to stay at home that have been in place at various points throughout the past year have forced coaching and the like into the digital realm, meaning that sessions with clients have taken place from the comfort of home via apps such as Zoom. This sudden ability to work from home has proven tempting for many who want the freedom of working and earning their own money, but don’t want to return to a rigid office and restrictive time schedules.

This is a career path that looks set to continue growing between now and 2026, so if you feel intrigued by the possibility of helping others whilst putting into play a variety of entrepreneurial skills, now is the best time to start looking into whether it’s the right fit for you and how you can achieve this goal.   

Side-Hustle into Main Money Spinner

If like many, many others around the globe, various periods stuck at home have pushed you to start a new hobby or pick up an old one again, you might want to consider ways that you can earn some money from it. You might have even already started a little side-hustle selling your wares via Etsy or other platforms, and be thinking about turning it into a full-time career! The point is, if you have a talent for something, or can produce items that are well-made, unique, and interesting – or even useful – then it’s worthwhile considering the possibility of turning it into your main job. The benefits include doing something you enjoy and that brings joy to others, setting your own working hours and limits, and having the ability to prioritize whatever you need whenever you need to – in short, it offers flexibility, which can ease the stresses, pressures, and life restrictions that traditional 9-5 jobs can engender.

So, whether you bake the most deliciously mouth-watering goodies, produce funky, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, create doodles and paintings, or even embroider inspirational quotes, you might very well have gotten yourself onto the perfect future career path for you!   

Teaching/Teaching Assistant

This is another one for those who have a desire to make a difference and commit to a rewarding vocation. Being a teacher or teaching assistant requires patience, determination, the ability to act, and the ability to understand children on their own level, physically, emotionally, and mentally – basically, all the attributes you need to be a parent! Never a dull moment, these two career paths require you to use your initiative, think on your feet, and be prepared for the unexpected, so you need to be both reflective and resilient – again, the same types of attributes you need to be a parent, meaning that you are already part of the way there. 

The key differences between these two positions are that teaching requires longer hours, comes with more responsibilities, and has a bigger scope for progression than the role of teaching assistant. If either of these careers seems like something you think you’d want to pursue, it’s worthwhile looking into which one you would most enjoy and succeed in, and which one best suits your abilities and lifestyle.   

Start-Up Business

The economic fallout and impact of the pandemic on the job market have been widely felt, increasing job insecurity and resulting in redundancies across a variety of industries and organizations. Many big corporations and organizations have struggled to remain afloat in such a volatile economic climate; certain sectors of the economy and many small businesses are, however, continuing to thrive. If you’re one of those whose job situation has been rocky, this could be a viable option for you. Taking known contacts and your host of transferable skills with you, you could embark upon your own small business start-up. 

Always had a knack for coming up with snappy slogans and using words in clever ways? Building a company providing copywriting and marketing services could be a great way of utilizing those skills! There are tons of possibilities for you to consider, and you get the added bonus of being your own boss.

Wedding Planner

Are you an organized, gregarious individual, with a great eye for detail and a personable go-getter? Do you just love helping people to achieve their dreams and for true love to blossom? Then wedding planning could very well be the ideal career for you. 

Post-pandemic, the struggling wedding industry is likely to bounce back, as there appears to be no shortage of couples getting engaged over the past year. With ongoing restrictions around the world, however, smaller, more intimate weddings with individual, personalized details look set to continue – a trend caused in part by many couples being forced to cancel their nuptials at the last minute due to lockdown orders and realizing what is actually important about marriage. 

If you fancy immersing yourself in the world of weddings, there are a few different steps you’d need to consider – such as building up a network of wedding supplier contacts and venues and conducting some market research – to help you get there. It’s even possible to sign yourself up for a course that helps you with the role!    

Fitness Instructor

The rise of social media – particularly apps such as TikTok and Instagram Live – has led to the rise of a plethora of online fitness instructors. Each provides different workouts based on different goals and body types and can advise you as to how to adapt routines and programs to suit you and your lifestyle. From yoga to HIIT classes and spin classes, the possibilities for the type of fitness you teach or promote are endless! 

As with many new endeavors, it’s important to thoroughly research everything surrounding this career path and identify the skills and qualifications you need to have or obtain to succeed. In most cases, you will most likely be required to undertake a course or two to gain accreditation. Once this is obtained and restrictions ease, you can continue to build your role and provide outdoor classes, or rent a studio space to conduct indoor face-to-face classes. You could even choose to specialize in mommy-friendly or postpartum exercise classes, using your own experience to help you understand your clients and where they’re potentially coming from.  

This is not only a fun and flexible career possibility; it’s one that guarantees to help your own body remain fit and healthy in a way that you enjoy and that you can earn money from.  

Growing Plants and Flowers to Sell

Another trend that has practically taken off over the past couple of years, but particularly over the course of the pandemic, is growing plants and flowers at home. Whether inhabiting a tiny box apartment or a home with a green space outside, it seems that everyone has taken to cultivating plants in an effort to lift their spirits and make their homes feel more calming. 

Naturally, some people are better at caring for plants and flowers than others – this is where you could come in. If you are someone who is constantly growing produce and flowers and giving it out to friends and family, as well as propagating new and unusual plants, your know-how and expertise would most likely be greatly appreciated by other green-fingered people. From flower arranging and flower arranging workshops to a small shop selling your produce, there are many different avenues you can take this career path along. 

The beauty of such a career is that there isn’t necessarily a need for you to obtain a degree or take part in a course to begin your venture – you simply need some passion, funding, and know-how. Additionally, with such a business, you can work from your home – whether you have a yard and green space for bedding plants and produce, or an indoor greenhouse/windowsill flower nursery. 

Whatever your situation – feeling stuck in your current position, having a job that isn’t flexible enough for family life, or you simply fancy a change – there’s plenty you can do to embark upon a new career adventure, beginning with signing up for online courses, clubs, and workshops, earning degrees/certificates from reputable learning institutions, or simply writing down what you are hoping to achieve in your career. 

The thing to remember here is, if you don’t start now, when exactly will you?