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Are you wondering whether solar power is worth the effort? You already have a business to run, so converting to another energy source may be too much on top of the regular stress of entrepreneurship.

We’re here to tell you there are countless advantages to making the switch to solar energy. Below are five of the biggest reasons it makes sense to go solar. Check it out!

Lower Costs

The expenses of maintaining a business take up a large part of your budget. When you
convert to a solar business, much of that overhead is gone.

One reason is the maintenance costs are very low. Solar panels only require occasional
cleaning. They’re built to withstand all kinds of weather, and most come with a long

Another immediate benefit is that you’ll see much lower electric bills. Sometimes solar power nearly eliminates having an electric bill at all.

Solar Energy Makes Your Business Sustainable

Do your customers care about your carbon footprint? You bet they do.

If you go solar and become a more sustainable business, you’ll be able to prove to your
clients that you care about your environmental impact. It draws new customers who are
committed to ethical spending, and it boosts sales with customers who may have been
reluctant before. Now they’ll be proud to spend their money at your business.

You’ll also grow your business’s reputation when you go solar. You’ll be more respected and change how others in your community view your company.

Get Paid to Switch

Your business could get huge tax benefits when you switch to solar. Federal benefits include a 22% tax credit in 2021, while that will drop to 10% in 2022.

Now is the time to call a company like Blue Raven Solar and make the switch while you can still take advantage of this opportunity.


When you invest in solar, you gain a much more reliable source of power. You don’t have to rely on your utility company to keep you connected, or get you back online when it goes out.

Your solar panels mean your business can always keep running because you have your own power source. Panels store energy for use when the sun isn’t charging them. That means even at night or on cloudy days, your business will have plenty of electricity.

Great Investment

Buildings with solar panels have a great advantage in the real estate market. If you ever
wanted to sell your property, you’d see an increased property value because of the investment you made.

Not only will the value go up, but also solar-converted buildings tend to sell faster than
buildings with less environmentally-friendly utilities.

Going Solar

Converting to solar energy for your business may seem like a big project, but with the
advantages above, it’s worth the effort. From having a reliable power source to ensuring your customers are proud to use your company, the benefits of solar are overwhelming.

Putting in solar is a big job, and we’re here to help. Check out more of our articles today!